A-Telier Italian Linen Scarf with cotton and raffia

Italian Linen Scarf - Patchwork of Cotton & Raffia

By A-Telier

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A-Telier - Elegant Triangular Scarf hand-made in Italy - Patchwork consisting of Italian linen, cotton, and African Raffia

A percentage of all proceeds from our Italian boutiques will go to benefit CIAI-The Italian Association for Aid to Children. Visit ciai.it for more information.

About A-Telier:

Location: Como, Italy

Tucked away along the shores of beautiful Lake Como, is a small boutique that produces accesories and limited edition fashions. Designed in Northern Italy and made by hand, A-Telier’s unique pieces are created on site with Italian materials.

Each piece has its own history and identity, from delicate earrings to statement-making belts and handmade hats. An atelier is an artist’s workshop for fine and decorative arts—A-Telier completely encompasses this definition. This is the perfect place to find art you can wear!

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